The use of computers in graphic design, page layout, social media, and computer art makes computer technology very important in today’s world. It is important that students learn how to use the computer as a tool. All sophomores will take Intro to Graphic Design. Students may select an additional computer course during their junior and/or senior year as an elective.

Course Descriptions

Intro to Graphic Design

Intro to Graphic Design will introduce students to many aspects of design and its various applications on the computer. The Adobe suite of software will be introduced to students. This includes Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and InDesign. Students will also be exposed to Apple software such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote. In this full year course students will create many print projects (posters, graphic advertisements, magazine covers) and also work with many online applications (fully functional hosted websites, flash animations). This class is a required course for graduation and is taken during the sophomore year.

Advanced Graphic Design

Students will explore the world of graphic arts as it relates to advertising and marketing in the real world. All aspects of Photoshop and scanning will be covered. Photographic retouching, collage creations, mock publications and advertisements will also be covered in Photoshop.

Students will explore advanced Photoshop features working with layers, adjustment layers, masking, texturizing and more. Fully interactive websites will be created. Students will use Adobe Dreamweaver to create attractive web pages and organize them into professional quality. All work will be posted to the internet.

The world of web animation will be explored through the use of Adobe Flash. Students will create original animations which will be posted on our website. Students will use Adobe InDesign to create advanced print projects including booklets, calendars and novelty print items.Students will also experiment and explore movie making utilizing iMovie and HD video cameras found in our lab. Students must have completed the Intro course in order to take AGD.

Yearbook Design and Layout

The Notre Dame Yearbook is created in-house during the school year in this class. Yearbook is an elective class available to juniors and seniors. Students will learn Adobe InDesign and utilize the iMac lab for the creation of the yearbook. They will be expected to master Herff-Jones (our yearbook company) software. Students will write copy, take photographs, create an overall graphic look, and layout the entire yearbook.

Computer Facilities

Notre Dame Catholic High School is committed to providing an up-to-date technological education. In completing this goal, we have four computer areas available for student use. All classrooms have computers connected to our network and the Internet. The number of computers in our school has grown to exceed 200. All computers are connected to a Novell Netware network using four servers. ND has three classroom labs, 1 of them with 30 computers running in a Microsoft Windows XP environment, and two labs equipped with Apple iMacs. Each computer is linked to our school Local Area Network, which allows each computer to access common files off the school servers. All computers have direct Internet access and e-mail connections. All computers are connected to networked printers. Students have access to Hewlett Packard and Dell LaserJet printers, available in both color and black & white, in each lab. Scanners are readily available for student use in both the computer labs and the library. Regular classes can be held in the computer labs for special instruction such as S.A.T. prep courses, mathematics programs, student presentations and Internet research use in all disciplines. 

A fourth computer area is open during the entire school day for student use. The 40 computers in the library have the same software as each of the classroom labs, allowing students to continue working on their projects when not in class. Students may use the Internet in the Library for research and personal use. Parents can feel safe because we use Surf Control as an Internet filter to watch all connections and sites used on the Internet. Our school has an "Acceptable Use Policy" for the use of our computers and network. Novell BorderManager provides a secure firewall preventing outside hackers from accessing our network. Our proxy cache accelerates users' access to information on the net. Notre Dame has SMART Boards available for teacher and student use permanently mounted in all classrooms. A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that is connected to a computer and a data projector. The interactive electronic whiteboard is great colorful tool for demonstrations.