Campus Ministry Thanksgiving 2019

Campus Ministry Thanksgiving
Posted on 11/25/2019
On Tuesday, Campus Ministry sponsored the annual Thanksgiving Party with the kindergarten and first grade students of Hall Elementary School in Bridgeport. Students made crafts, ate a delicious Thanksgiving turkey lunch, danced, and watched a fun movie with snacks. Thank you to Mrs. Kathy Stefanatos for help with lunch and chaperoning. Participating students included Danna Aguilar, Justin Arvelo, Myles Atkins, Olivier Azevedo, Sydney Beaton, Leo Bernstein, Hannah Bershefsky, Christine Blanc, Michael Boccio, Ciara Brown, Fiona Carty, Victoria Ceneri, Nate Cole, Greyson Cotter, Adriana Dorsey, John Fassett, Joe Granata, Lia Hernandez, Aniah Hines, Melissa Karpel, Kevin Jiang, Alex Landino, Mackenzie Ledford, Sanae Louis, Emma Manreza, Yamani McCollough, Francesca Milo, Max Mitchell, Monica Mojica, Mia Ribellino, Stephanie Ribeiro, Aerus Roby, Ruth Salazar, Kevin Splan, Delanie Stueber, Sofia Testa, Brianna Tullonge, Jocelyn vargas, Micah Whitaker, Zoe Wood, and Lola Worsdale.