Blue And Gold Auction

Blue and Gold Online Auction
Posted on 10/22/2021
Thank you!  The Advancement Department would like to express our appreciation to the entire Notre Dame community for your support of the 2021 Blue & Gold Auction.  Whether you donated an item, purchased a package or helped to spread the word to encourage friends and family to participate, we are grateful.  Because of your efforts, we raised $20,000 for the students of Notre Dame.   

Thanks to the 2021 Auction Committee:
Stacey Bannon P'20,'23
Christie Cotter P'22

Kami Evans P'25
Karen Guastelle P'23
Jane Hagerty P'21,'23
Tabitha McKeon P'16
Janet Mitchell P'20,'22,'25
Margaret Riobo, P'13,'16
Brigitte Shkreli P'14, 18

Kathy Stefanatos P'10,'15
Kim Wardlow P'13,'16

We are especially grateful for the support of our sponsors:

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 sitting seven 
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